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Regardless of where you're at right now on your journey to academic success, I can't wait to help you get to wherever you want to go faster! 

There comes a point in time when work loads become overwhelming, and stress levels run off the charts, when every serious student stops and asks themselves what they're going to do about it. 

They asks themselves things like this:

How do you manage time effectively?

How do you take good notes?

How do you study efficiently? 

How do you avoid procrastination? 

How in the world do you stay focused in class and while studying so that you maintain concentration?

They feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and are looking for answers.

If little by little you're starting to realize that YOU don't have a good answer to any of these or related questions, know that you're in good company!

Test Prep Champions is dedicate to providing you with real solutions you can use right away to improve your results!

Who is this Site For?

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    College students who want to get high GPAs more easily and with less stress, improve time management, and succeed at college life.
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    Adult Education students and others looking to crush standardized tests,
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    High School students looking to improve their grades and get a head at start learning highly-effective college success strategies
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    Anyone else interested in learning faster, remembering longer, improving productivity, and living a happy, healthy life!

Who's Website Is This?

Hi, my name's Parker Smith, I'm the founder of Test Prep Champions!

I'm a University of Pittsburgh graduate, and a current student at the University of Pennsylvania (a.k.a UPenn).


My mission is to help students at all levels develop their test taking and study skills to achieve the results they want and ​​​deserve. This is done through an archive of research-based articles, videos, products and more!

Random Fun Fact #1: I've been an avid guitar player for years - since I was 12. Currently, I'm playing on a Mahogany Taylor GS Mini :-)

My Story

I grew up in a small town, which I'm sure you've never heard of (nobody has...). My mom was a kindergarten teacher, and my dad was a music teacher. 

In high school, I got good grades, but never really had to work very hard. Come to think of it, it's honestly hard for me to remember a time when I ever did any work outside of school...(this isn't something to strive for by the way).

Random Fun Fact #2: I worked at a gas station between my freshman and sophomore years of college. They put me on the 6AM shift all summer. The gas station was located just off the busiest highway in my town. I had to sweep the entire parking lot every morning wearing a fluorescent green vest and a hat that said "new hire" on it in front of everyone in town driving by. Tons of people I knew beeped at me. I wasn't happy about it. I hated that job so much, and was overjoyed to return to college in the Fall. Let's just say I had a renewed appreciation for college life when I got back!

Then when I got to college, everything changed. For the first time in my life, I had to figure out how to actually study...and FAST!

As you sit there, reading this, you may be wondering what's so special about this? 

Well the answer is of course nothing! The fact is that nearly everyone starts out college like this. However, not everyone figures out how to do better, and it's really a shame. 

I created Test Prep Champions back in November 2016 specifically to provide solutions to students looking to do better than just average in college and on standardized tests!

Random Fun Fact #3: When I was 13, I won a Silver Key award in the Scholastic Arts and Writing contest for a short story I entered in the humor category. My story was called The Ray Thomas Incident, and was about a boy named Ray who accidentally drinks gasoline, which his Dad left in a soda bottle. Ray then hallucinates that he's abducted into an alien space ship, but it's not revealed until the end that it's a hallucination (although there are clues throughout). This was my first and only serious attempt at humor writing. I received my award onstage at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

I've been tutoring, coaching, and mentoring students since 2011. I started out working with high school, community college, and university students in many different subjects including algebra, geometry, chemistry, physics, biology, reading, writing, and more. I've since moved on to arming students with all of the skills they need to ensure success!

Random Fun Fact #4: I have an addiction to impulse buying tons of books online. No, seriously - It's pretty bad. I regularly have books show up at my house for me in the mail that I don't even remember ordering...

Over the years I've seen countless students exceed their own expectations academically, and it's truly an amazing feeling to know that I've played a role in helping them achieve their dreams.

Random Fun Fact #5: In high school I wrestled and ran long-distance on the track team. While both were fun, I really miss participating in one of them more so than the other.

Whatever your academic goals are, I'm looking forward to working with you to help you experience the success of making your dreams a reality!

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