The Best Time Management System for Swamped Students

Tired of Not Having Enough Time?

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    FACT! Nearly 50% of College Students Say They Don't Have Enough Time to Finish their Coursework (source).
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    Did You Know: 60% of College Students Report they've Been too Stressed Out to do their School Work on at Least One Occasion (source).

Hi, I'm Parker. I founded Test Prep Champions to help students reach their academic goals. I'm a University of Pittsburgh graduate, and am currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania.  Learn more.

What's the Best Way to Manage Your Time As a College Student?

We’re going to come right back to this–but first, STOP! Please set aside a few minutes from your swamped schedule for yourself, as I share with you some exciting information that will really help you out!

How do most students go through the day?

They get locked into a vicious cycle they can’t free themselves from–Eat. Study. Sleep. Repeat–filled with worry, anxiety, and self-doubt about the direction they’re moving in.

As a college student, of course you’re extremely busy. You strive for high grades, and are perhaps involved in extracurriculars, play a sport, and/or work a part-time job.

Add balancing a social life, and it’s easy to see why college students have so much stress! And let’s not even bring up student debt…

When Your Responsibilities become Staggering, How Will YOU Overcome Them?

There comes a point in time when deadlines pile up, and workloads feel overwhelming, that every serious student stops and asks themselves how they’re going to manage everything on their plate with what little time they have.

They ask themselves questions like:

What if I run out of time?

What if I can’t get everything done?

How is everyone else doing it so easily while I’m struggling?


What if I can’t do this, and I let down people important to me?

You Probably Know Already How Important Doing Well In College Is

Right now as you read this page, I'm not sure if college success is important to you because your goal is to develop a rewarding career, or because you wish to gain acceptance to the graduate school of your choice. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they're young. The unfortunate truth though is that even one misstep with your GPA can put a big barricade between you and your goals.

What Would It Feel Like to Be Back In Full Control of Your Schedule?

Imagine relaxing on a warm, tropical island beach without a care in the world. A delightful sun hangs overhead, and a refreshing drink really hits the spot. You smell saltwater as the tide comes in, and you hear seagulls on the horizon.

You have no deadlines or tasks to do. There's nothing pressing on your mind. You're completely free of all anxiety and stress about your workload. Can't you see how amazing this would be?

Unless you can pack up and leave for a luxury vacation, you can't have most of this. However, you deserve to still have this same feeling of peace of mind about your workload all the time!

Think about it...

Envision being free from time limits.

Picture your workload melt away.

See yourself enjoying your success.

Little By Little, You Might Find Yourself Wondering If There's a Solution to Your Time Management Troubles...

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    Yes–There's a Better Way! 
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    Yes–You Can Get a New Start, Regardless of Where You Are Now!
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    Yes–You Can Have More Freedom and Fun In Your Schedule! 

Earlier On, I Asked If You Know What the Best Way to Manage Your Time Is...

Are you ready for the answer?

Here it is: The best way to manage your time is to develop proficient time management skills, to the point where your skill set becomes nearly automatic! 

If you're not getting the results you want, all it means is that there's something you don't know. 

The truth is that you can have anything that you want–freedom, control, success–if you just master the necessary, proven time management skills!

Introducing: Be a Time Management Champion! 7 Time-Saving Student Success Skills 

Be a Time Management Champion! Shows you how to develop 7 crucial time-saving success skills:

  • 1
    Utilizing Strategic Relaxation
  • 2
    Being On Time
  • 3
    Mastering the Psychology of Time Management
  • 4
    Managing and Prioritizing Your To-Do List
  • 5
    Planning Your Schedule
  • 6
    Effectively Executing Tasks Without Procrastinating
  • 7
    Finishing What You Start

Here's Just A Small Sample of What You'll Learn:

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    The 2 Most Common Mistakes Students Make when Managing their Free Time...and How to Avoid Them!
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    7 Crucial Methods to Ensure You're Never Late Again!
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    The Champions' Rule of Thumb For Making Decisions About How to Spend Your TimeNever be Paralyzed by Indecision Again!
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    How to Eliminate Limiting Time Management BeliefsGain Calm, Confidence in Your Ability to Manage Time.
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    How to Manage Your To-Do List in as Little as 5 Minutes a DaySave Time and Frustration.
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    The 6 Laws of Prioritizing–Gain an Instinct for Always Knowing the Best Way to Use Your Time; Never Waste a Second Again!
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    How to Craft A Working Study Plan–Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Schedule that Minimizes Effort, While Maximizing your Returns!
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    Proven Strategies for Task Execution--Faster-Than-a-Lightening Bolt Techniques for Producing Thunderous Results... Weather the Procrastination Storm and "Reprogram" Yourself for Maximum Focus!
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    The ONE Secret that Separates Poor, Good, and GREAT Time Managers...and How you Can Become Great Regardless of Where You're at Now!

But That's Not All...
You Also Get:

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    The FREE BONUS Be a Time Management Champion Skill Builder Workbook! Loaded with Checklists and Exercises to Help you Have the Best Experience Possible!
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    Unlimited FREE Support by Email or Skype! As my Customer, I'm More Than Happy to Promptly Walk You Through Any Questions About the Material to Make Sure You Feel You've Met ALL Learning Objectives!


Why Buy This Book Instead of One Written By A Life Coach or PhD?

While it’s true that my book isn’t the only one out there that covers time management, very few are written to specifically address the needs of the average college student.


What do most people do when they have a problem to solve? They don’t look to the gurus for answers. They look to a trusted friend who’s already solved the problem for themselves, because they’re the ones who know how to cut straight through the fog to show you exactly what will work better than anyone else. Let me guide you towards the light at the end of the tunnel!


Since I founded Test Prep Champions back in November 2016, I’ve helped countless students transform their time management and study skills. Not only have I seen amazing changes in their lives, but I also rely on these methods in my own life. I used them to graduate from college with honors, and to gain acceptance to an Ivy League university. I would never attempt to teach you anything that doesn’t have a proven track record for success.

Will I Have Enough Time to Read This Book If I'm Already Really Busy?

Shouldn’t a book on time management be able to deliver the content to you in an extremely efficient manner? Yes–of course!


Be a Time Management Champion! shows you in-depth how to improve your time management skills, with no filler, and no fluff! Every single word was written with a specific purpose–to give you the time management transformation you’re looking for without wasting a second of your precious time.

How About This? Buy My Book. Read It. Try Out The Awesome Things You'll Learn. Then If For Any Reason You're Not Happy With Your Decision, I'll Give You Every Single Penny Back (within 30 days of the sale)!

What Do You Have to Lose?

Why Wait When You Could Become A Time Management Champion Today?

Life rewards those who take action.

The question clearly is this: Are YOU ready to take the next logical step, and finally put an end to your time management troubles?

After you purchase Be A Time Management Champion, you'll also get your FREE BONUS Skill Builder Workbook, plus FREE unlimited support to ensure you get all the value you truly deserve!

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